When you go to the People screens they will show you a list of users. 

On their profile you can see whether they are Republicans or Democrats

Initiate a chat conversation with someone ( ideally someone with opposite political leanings)

Meet them for a coffee, drink or meal and have a real conversation

The recent elections have left the country deeply divided. It’s time people sit with those from the opposite side and understand their point of view


We want to make it easier to break the ice and start a real conversation with someone whose political beliefs are different from yours. 

Remember both sides together represent the real America !

How to use it

Download the app on iOS or Android. It's a free app ! 

Select your political preference on the first screen


Log in using Facebook or Google. Once you login to the app it shows you two circles of users

1> People connected to the same Wi-Fi network as you

2> People in a 20 mile radius around you

What is MAU App ?

MAU stands for Make America United ... again !

How do I connect with others?


Our Mission